UPDATE R-Cloud+ is now live. For more information about accessing even more opportunities via R-Cloud click here

Expansion - Introducing R-Cloud+

R-Cloud+ is a brand new optional addition to R-Cloud launched in October 2023. R-Cloud+ allows access to even more opportunities to engage with UK government defence and security research.

Buyers can use R-Cloud (via R-Cloud+) to contract research requirements where it is necessary for some or all of the IPR generated to vest in the Crown. This means suppliers, who choose to apply, will be eligible to participate in even more R-Cloud tasks than before.

R-Cloud+ will use a new Annex to the R-Cloud Conditions of Contract (Schedule 3). This can be found at Annex B (Schedule 3) IPR Vesting in the Crown. This Annex will only apply to contracts awarded under R-Cloud+.

The Tasking Form will show which deliverables require Annex B, whether that is all or just some of those to be contracted.

Further information can be found in the R-Cloud Guidance for Suppliers.

Applying to Join R-Cloud+

R-Cloud+ is now open. Join now to be eligible for R-Cloud+ tasks.

The updated version of the R-Cloud (version 4) Terms and Conditions, containing the new Annex B for R-Cloud+, can be viewed here. By joining R-Cloud+ you are confirming acceptance of this Annex for any future R-Cloud+ tasking procedures that you chose to take part in.

New Supplier Applicants:

Selecting “Apply” in the Additional Terms and Conditions section will include R-Cloud+ in your application. There are no additional requirements to include this and no additional information is required.

Existing R-Cloud Suppliers:

To join, simply select “Apply” on the Additional Terms and Conditions section of your dashboard. The Portal will immediately apply this to your profile. There is no need to submit any additional information or wait for this to be approved.

For the avoidance of doubt, R-Cloud+ is an entirely optional addition to R-Cloud and if you chose not to join you will still be able to participate in the main R-Cloud as usual. Also, if you join now but change your mind later on you can simply select “Opt-out” on the dashboard and R-Cloud+ will be removed from your account.

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