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Broad capability skill Narrow capability skill
Aviation technology

Aircraft research

Flight control and instrumentation technology

Rotor blade technology

Biological and medical sciences


Biological agent defence precursors and related materials

Biological agent detection techniques


Foods and nutrition research

Genetic engineering and molecular biology

Healthcare and well being research

Horticulture and agriculture

Human health physics

Hygiene and sanitation research


Medical products and materials research

Medical treatment research techniques and procedures




Stress physiology


Weapons effects research

Chemical science and technology

Chemical agent defence precursors and related materials

Chemical agent detection techniques

Chemical research for non-CB detection applications

Forensic science

Industrial chemistry and chemical processing

Inorganic chemistry

Organic chemistry

Physical chemistry

Polymer chemistry

Radiation and nuclear chemistry

Earth sciences and environmental studies

Atmospheric chemistry

Atmospheric physics


Environmental monitoring systems research

Equipment disposal and environment protection technology





Marine research


Terrain science

Electronic warfare systems research

Electronic protection measures research

Electronic support measures research

Non-medical countermeasures research

Engineering technology and design

Electrical engineering and technology

Electronic engineering and technology

Environmental engineering

Human factors engineering

Hydraulic and pneumatic engineering

Integrated systems engineering and technology

Nanoengineering and nanotechnology

Non-electrical power generation and energy conversion

Simulation technology & infrastructure

Software engineering

Systems engineering

Test and evaluation capability

Human behavioural sciences

Human performance research

Human survivability protection and stress effects



Sociology and law

Teams organisations and cultures

Training and education research

Information and communications technology

Battlespace information acquisition and processing

Command and control systems research

Communications systems research

Information superiority research

Messaging and telecommunications technology

Satellite communications research

Materials science and technology

Adhesives seals and binders technology

Coatings colourants and finishes

Elastomers and rubber research

Electronic materials technology

Energetic materials

Laminates and composite materials technology

Lubricants and hydraulic fluids research

Metals metallurgy and metallography

Non-destructive evaluation of structural materials

Optoelectronic materials technology

Plastics and polymers technology

Signature related materials

Smart materials for research

Solvents cleaners and abrasives research

Structural materials processing

Textiles technology

Mathematical and computer sciences

Computing hardware and software research

Data and signal processing technology

Information management systems research

Mathematical techniques

Operations research and systems analysis

Optimisation planning and decision support systems

Statistical methods and techniques

Meteorology and climatology

Aviation meteorology

Climate research

Defence meteorology research


Marine meteorology

Numerical weather prediction

Upper atmosphere and space environment

Military medical research

Care of combat casualties

Medical force protection

Military sciences and defence analysis

Operational analysis

Navigation and detection systems research

Acoustic detection systems research

Chemical and biological sensor systems research

Electrical and electric field detection

Magnetic field detection systems research

Microsensor systems research

Motion detection systems research

Navigation and guidance systems research

Non-acoustic underwater detection research

Optical detection systems research

Radar systems research

Radio frequency detection and antenna research

Target direction range and position finding research

Nuclear science and technology

Nuclear instrumentation and radiation detection

Nuclear physics

Nuclear power plants

Nuclear radiation protection and shielding

Radioactivity and radioactive waste

Ordnance and platform protection research

Armour systems research

Battle damage reduction techniques

Defensive aids suites research

Directed energy weapons research

Guided munitions research

Gun systems research

Mine detection and clearance research

Non-lethal weapons research

Rocket science and technology

Personnel protection systems research

CBRN medical countermeasures research

CBRN physical countermeasures research

Physical environmental protection systems research



Atomic and molecular physics and spectroscopy


Electricity and magnetism

Electromagnetic pulses

Fluid dynamics techniques research

Fluid mechanics research


Nuclear and elementary particle physics


Particle physics and accelerators

Plasma techniques

Quantum theory and relativity

Radio frequency wave propagation

Signature control and signature reduction

Solid-state physics

Thermal technologies and thermodynamics

Propulsion engines and powerplants technology

Electric and ion propulsion

Electric propulsion - rotary and linear

Final drive - air propellers and rotors

Final drive - water propulsors

Final drive - wheels and tracks

Gun and launch tube propulsion

Rocket engines and ramjets technology

Rocket propellants technology

Space research and technology

Communications satellites research

Environmental and meteorological satellites research

Ground support systems for space vehicles

Manned spacecraft research

Military satellites research

Spacecraft trajectories and re-entry

Space launchers research

Surveillance and navigation satellites research

Weapon guidance and control systems research

Guided missile technology

Platform guidance and control systems research

Tracking and display systems research