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Broad capability skill Narrow capability skill
Engineering technology and design

Electrical engineering and technology

Electronic engineering and technology

Engineering and technical design

Human factors engineering

Hydraulic and pneumatic engineering

Integrated systems engineering and technology

Mechanical engineering

Safety engineering

Systems engineering

Test and evaluation capability

Human behavioural sciences

Human performance research

Human survivability protection and stress effects

Information and communications technology

Battlespace information acquisition and processing

Command and control systems research

Communications systems research

Information superiority research

Messaging and telecommunications technology

Satellite communications research

Materials science and technology

Smart materials for research

Mathematical and computer sciences

Operations research and systems analysis

Military sciences and defence analysis

Operational analysis

Ordnance and platform protection research

Armour systems research

Battle damage reduction techniques

Combat vehicles research (for impact on human performance and mitigations)

Propulsion engines and powerplants technology

Final drive - wheels and tracks

Gun and launch tube propulsion