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Broad capability skill Narrow capability skill
Biological and medical sciences

Anatomy and physiology


Biological agent defence precursors and related materials

Biological agent detection techniques

Biological materials cells and tissues


Genetic engineering and molecular biology

Healthcare and well being research

Horticulture and agriculture

Human health physics

Hygiene and sanitation research


Medical products and materials research

Medical treatment research techniques and procedures





Veterinary Medicine

Weapons effects research

Chemical science and technology

Agricultural chemistry

Chemical agent defence precursors and related materials

Chemical agent detection techniques

Chemical research for non-CB detection applications

Forensic science

Industrial chemistry and chemical processing

Inorganic chemistry

Organic chemistry

Physical chemistry

Polymer chemistry

Radiation and nuclear chemistry

Earth sciences and environmental studies

Atmospheric chemistry

Environmental monitoring systems research

Equipment disposal and environment protection technology

Engineering technology and design

Engineering and technical design

Instrumentation and testing

Integrated systems engineering and technology

Nanoengineering and nanotechnology

Systems engineering

Test and evaluation capability

Human behavioural sciences

Human survivability protection and stress effects

Information and communications technology

Battlespace information acquisition and processing

Materials science and technology

Electronic materials technology

Optoelectronic materials technology

Plastics and polymers technology

Smart materials for research

Solvents cleaners and abrasives research

Textiles technology

Mathematical and computer sciences

Data and signal processing technology

Information management systems research

Mathematical techniques

Operations research and systems analysis

Optimisation planning and decision support systems

Statistical methods and techniques

Military medical research

Care of combat casualties

Medical force protection

Operational fitness

Military sciences and defence analysis

Operational analysis

Navigation and detection systems research

Chemical and biological sensor systems research

Electrochemical detection systems research

Microsensor systems research

Optical detection systems research

Nuclear science and technology

Radioactivity and radioactive waste

Ordnance and platform protection research

Non-lethal weapons research

Personnel protection systems research

CBRN medical countermeasures research

CBRN physical countermeasures research

Physical environmental protection systems research (Oxygen, diving, altitude etc)



Atomic and molecular physics and spectroscopy


Electricity and magnetism

Fluid dynamics techniques research


Plasma techniques

Radio frequency wave propagation

Thermal technologies and thermodynamics