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Broad capability skill Narrow capability skill
Aviation technology


Aircraft operations research

Aviation infrastructure

Rotor blade technology

Electronic warfare systems research

Electronic protection measures research (impact on the human)

Electronic support measures research (impact on the human)

Engineering technology and design

Aeronautical engineering

Electronic engineering and technology

Instrumentation and testing

Integrated systems engineering and technology

Software engineering

Structural engineering

Systems engineering

Test and evaluation capability

Information and communications technology

Command and control systems research

Communications systems research

Information superiority research

Messaging and telecommunications technology

Mathematical and computer sciences

Operations research and systems analysis

Navigation and detection systems research

Navigation and guidance systems research

Optical detection systems research

Radar systems research

Radio frequency detection and antenna research

Target direction range and position finding research

Propulsion engines and powerplants technology

Electric propulsion - rotary and linear

Final drive - air propellers and rotors

Jet and gas turbine research

Reciprocating and rotary engines

Rocket engines and ramjets technology

Rocket propellants technology